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The primary purpose of this site is to advance my scientific research and the research of others who are not getting a fair audience.
     In the site, "Toward a New Paradigm," I outline a nonstandard approach to grand unification.  It accepts earth expansion and cosmological redshift quantization as real phenomena and uses the leptonic theory of matter (no quarks) and aether like spherical rotation models of leptons.
     "There is more than one pattern in the universe," is a collection of scientific phenomena and theories which are pushed aside by the current fads.
  These sites are not intended to be the final word on anything.  I hope that they grow and evolve. They are intended to be a process to a better understanding of the universe and our role in it for anyone who wants to participate. I want input and suggestions.
  What I am trying to do here is to collect well written papers that can be understood by scientists in other fields (something like the old Scientific American)that describe phenomena and theories that challenge the current paradigms in their fields. I am primarily sticking to subjects that would offer insight into grand unification and cosmology. This is not intended to be an encyclopedia of all the work in these fields, simply a few select articles for the reader to get the gist of the problem.
   I believe that it is possible for one man to make a difference provided that he does not care about getting credit or paid.
  This is the first website that I have constructed, so please be patient. If a page does not look finished, I probably am still working on it.
Painted Trillium - victim of mountaintop removal mining.
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There is more than one pattern in the universe.
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